Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dark Crystal 2 Movie - Dark Crystal Sequel

Dark Crystal 2 - Dark Crystal Movie Sequel - Power of the Dark Crystal FilmA Dark Crystal 2 movie is on its way! Yep get ready for a movie sequel to the 1982 fantasy film Dark Crystal.

Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig, (who helmed Undead and Daybreakers) have been hired to to direct the movie based on a screenplay written by Craig Pearce. The sequel is officially titled Power of the Dark Crystal.

This new Dark Crystal movie will be filmed in 3D: we may expect a mix of live action and traditional puppetry combined with visual and special effects.

"This is a chance to take the world of puppetry into the modern age by using modern techniques (like motion capture CGI) and the tried and true methods (like puppetry and animatronics) to create a one hundred percent real world that is unique to The Dark Crystal."
Director Peter Spierig

But don't worry it will be faithful to the spirit of the original film: the legendary fantasy artist Brian Froud will reprise his role as conceptual designer.

"Set hundreds of years after the events of the first movie when the world has once again fallen into darkness, Power of the Dark Crystal follows the adventures of a mysterious girl made of fire who, together with a Gelfling outcast, steals a shard of the legendary Crystal in an attempt to reignite the dying sun that exists at the center of the planet."

Here's the trailer of the first Dark Crystal movie:

There's no official release date yet, but if lucky we may get to see the movie Dark Crystal 2 by the end of 2011.

More details about the movie Dark Crystal 2, aka The Power of the Dark Crystal, soon!